While retrospection,
My way came multiple suggestions,
To have some communication,
If i want to unveil my mental restriction.

Conversation, a motion
Of superposition of two
Mutual indifferent perception
Based on one’s heavily influenced
Contemplated emotion.

Is what they advice to
Crystal my confusion.

Communication, they say
Helps to find some definite direction,
But all i see is them bringing
Chaos and commotion.
Into my haven’s extended vacation.

You say, i am wrong.
And these notions aren’t
Where it belong.
And it needs a bit time prolong.

Well in such a case,
Casting my pessimism to combustion,
I promise to put some reflection,
Just to clear my hallucination
And i’ll meet you,
On the other side of perfection,
With a vial of strong connection,
Ready with a new concoction.
©Sonam mehta

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