Letting him go.

I still remember, it was friday midday.
I was sitting in cafe coffee day,
When you texted me,
and said you need a gateway.
And i wanted to ask you right away,
That wasn’t it only yesterday,
when you said, you would never keep me at bay?

I was so-so ready to do anything to make you stay,
I wanted to cry
and had so much to say,
But i couldn’t,
I couldn’t because tears clogged my airway.

I was ready to kneel down,
And beg you to stay,
To stay and not let you slip away.
But i couldn’t
i couldn’t because it would’ve pushed you farther away.

Later at night, all i did was cry and pray,
A prayer to be hugged and loved,
cause you had my heart slayed
I didn’t want to be alone
So, I looked around and round,
But nobody was there to stay.

So i cried,
I cried and realised that if you wanted to stay,
You would find a way.
My attempts were futile
Because, it won’t make you sway

“Please! Please, don’t go.
how will i ever be okay,
when you are miles away.?”
At last, i begged the very next day.

“show some self respect women!
Don’t be so clay.
Let me go, its over now!
Tomorrow is a new day,
A new chapter to begin,
so go out and slay!”

In the end,
Is all you say.

Thinking about it now,
takes my breath away.
Seeing how you left me halfway,
Making my world so bleaky and grey.
I became a null void,
With no emotions left to display.

And you left,
You left me that day,
Without any delay,
I was so hurt that I wanted to die.
But i kept on asking a single question,
Why i loved you so much,
When i knew that you’ll never stay.?
I think For loving you,
this was a small price I had to pay.

Worst were those days in the month of may.
As i was spending my life wasting away.
But, i couldn’t let it continue
as i had a lot of demons to sleigh.
So i squared up,
I squared up and faced the world
as should a Finley.

© sonam mehta

4 thoughts on “Letting him go.

  1. I am also in a similar phase of life. Separation looks inevitable and I could have done everything to let her stay. But to do that, will only let them further away. Sometimes it is better, to have the self love and nurture yourself back, and then use that self to love someone else. Without it, the self gets consumed and you will loose yourself.

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