A lead to Read

Standing on a street corner,
Outside a bookstore,
looking at all book displays,
I am trying to find,
what’s exactly on my mind.

A little something,
Or perhaps more.
A dollop of love,
that makes my heart sore.
A bit of romance,
and a ton of mystery.
Like a detailed snowflake,
or A master’s pottery.
Joe’s pain
And beauty of jane.
Rainy scary night,
And a Silent highway lane.
An angel falling down from the sky,
Or how a devil is more than meets the eye.
a cowboy from texas or spain,
Or a thug’s story in valley of mid seattle rain.
A Cocky biker’s club from the montana’s wood,
Or a soldier’s fight for their brotherhood.
Why everybody called Miss. Taylor a prude,
I am getting curious, i just wanna intrude.

My mind’s wandering all over the place,
I need something to end this solace.

May be its time to tie my shoelace,
And come out of this fantasy palace,
And grab the first book i see,
May be that’s what i need just in case.

© sonam mehta

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