What’s your favourite colour?

What’s my favourite colour?
I never knew.
Decades passed, without knowing,
I have no idea how i grew.
Is it blue? Or is it pink?
Tell me, Mr. Boo,
Its giving me a kink.

“Hey, buttercup!
How do you do?
You have to ask yourself,
There’s nothing one can do.”
Said Mr. Boo

So, all by myself,
Down by the shore,
I thought about it some more.
May be its snowy white, since i like jammu.
May be its greeny shanghai as I adore bamboo.
May be its red or pink, just like my syrupy shampoo.
Or may be it’s not just one, but two.
But i prefer wearing both bright and dark, like tony stark.
But black is not blue and yellow is giving me flu.
May be its royal purple,
As like a bishop,
It makes me feel holy too.
I want to know about my favourite hues,
But my mind is so confused,
that its doing kung fu.
and Even looking at seafloor
Didn’t help me score.

Oh heaven blues!
Its code blue.
C’mon give me some clue.
That will do.
For million people, blue is their hue.
Its calm and elegantly cool,
I’m sure u like it too.
But, for me.
Is it green, red or pink,
Or has it always been baby blue?
Since its so common as old shoe.
It seems i bit off more than i can chew.
Its such a gruesome task.
Oh god! Phew!
And all i wanna say
“to hell with it, and screw”

What’s my favourite colour ?
Please, Help me choose.
This time, i promise,
i’ll have it tattoo.

So what’s it gonna be for you?
If you never knew.
You grew but you never knew….

© sonam mehta

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